Tutorial: make your own stamps out of recycled inner tubes

I’m beginning to think there’s no end to the amount of things to be made from inner tubes. They’re becoming my go-to solution for most problems–need a bungee cord? Check. Credit card holder for a night out? Check.

So when I decided I wanted to make my own custom stamps for the shop, I knew just what to use.

This is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m going to step out of the way and let pictures explain the process. But first, a quick note.

Use the smooth inner side of the inner tube as your stamping surface. (I didn’t in these photos.) You’ll get a cleaner stamp without the ridges that you find on the outer side.

What random uses have you found for inner tubes these days?

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Crafting with Inner tubes | Bicitoro bikes and crafts

One thought on “Tutorial: make your own stamps out of recycled inner tubes

  1. I did this in Girl Scouts …only we had car tire tubes to use…and poster paint…chunks of 2 x 4’s…I remember making one with a boat and motor! Such fun! J

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