Bikes and crafts and Momentum Mag

by Jessie Kwak

Folks, I’ve had a really hard time not telling you all about this, but I didn’t want to say anything lest I jinx it.

But the November/December issue of Momentum Magazine just showed up in my mailbox today, and there on page 23:

Yup! DIY Bike Projects by Jessie Kwak.

(Sorry about the cell phone photos–my camera is officially dead and buried.)

The digital edition isn’t up yet, but you should track down a hard copy anyway–Momentum’s a great magazine, well-designed with tons of fun articles, reviews, etc. Check it out!


Tutorial: Leather mini u-lock holster

by Jessie Kwak

Ever since I got a rack on my Kona, I’ve bungee corded my u-lock to the top of it.

It’s not a particularly elegant solution, it gets in the way of attaching a pannier, and it’s a pain in the ass to get it out when I’m ready to use it.

As Rob says, I never win the “quick lock” competition. In fact, he could be in and out of the grocery story by the time I’ve even got my bike locked up at all. As I was preparing this week’s tutorial, Dottie at Let’s Go Ride A Bike posted about the best ways to carry a u-lock, so apparently it’s a problem for more people than just me.

I have a belt holster which I do like, but since I’m not always wearing a belt I need a more universal solution.

I’ve been coveting this leather u-lock holster from Walnut Studios for months. Well, let’s face it. I’ve been coveting everything from Walnut Studios ever since I first came across them.

“I could make that,” thought the girl who has absolutely no leather-working experience. “That would be fun.”

And you know what? I could make it, and it was fun.

Here’s how.

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