Everybody wants you to win their bike stuff

by Jessie Kwak

It turns out everyone, including me, wants to give you cool bike shit right now.

Must be spring, right?

I just found out about two contests from Snapguide and Torker bicycles that feature some pretty awesome prizes, and I’m still running a comment contest to give away Cycling Sojourner’s Washington Guidebook.

Feeling lucky?

Win goodies from Walnut Studiolo and Portland Design Works

Contest runs May 7-June 6

Screenshot 2014-04-30 15.33.02

From Walnut Studiolo:

Walnut is teaming up with PDW and Snapguide to do a “bike hacks” promotion.

Snapguide is an app that lets you make “how-tos” easily using photos and videos on your smartphone. We use it to make our installation guides, like this. Snapguide will be offering elaborate prize packages filled with lots of awesome Walnut and PDW goodies to the best “bike hacks” (bicycle-themed how-to guides) added to the site as part of the contest for a couple weeks starting on May 7th. It could be technical, crafty, or anything. For example, how to plan a bike tour, how to make earrings out of bicycle tires, or how to true a wheel. It would be great to see some bike guides out there for women and by women!

You can enter as many times as you want, so get planning! I know there are quite a few crafty folks out there reading my blog, and I’d love to see some great tutorials! You can bet I’ll be joining in the fun.

Enter the contest here.

Win a Torker Interurban

Contest is on now, deadline is May 18

Torker Bicycles* is giving away a ton of stuff in a Pinterest contest, including a Torker Interurban Flat bike** and Betabrand clothes.

The instructions are in the flier below (click to embiggen).


* A disclaimer – my husband works for Seattle Bike Supply, which owns Torker.

**Sparkle Kraken is a Torker Interurban Mixte.

Win a copy of Cycling Sojourner’s Washington guide

Contest is running through May 7

Want a copy of Cycling Sojourner’s Washington guidebook? Go leave a comment here.


A sneak preview of Sparkle Kraken

by Jessie Kwak

A couple weeks back I introduced you to Sparkle Pony, my Torker Interurban with an insufferably cheery green metallic paint job.

Well, I finally started painting it today.

I’ll have more thoughts on the painting process as I get further into it, but for now I’m just going to tease you with some photos of what I’ve done so far.

I decided to go with a mehndi-inspired octopus design.


Sparkle Kraken!

Painted bike - first photos 3 | Bicitoro bikes and crafts

Painted bike - first photos 2 | Bicitoro bikes and crafts

Painted bike - first photos | Bicitoro bikes and crafts


Meet Sparkle Pony

by Jessie Kwak

Remember the Torker Interurban from this post?

Of course you don’t. It was ages ago. Ancient history. I had to search my own blog to even find out where I’d posted about it.

Well, thanks to a gift certificate I won in last summer’s Girls of Summer Alleycat (this girl got third place!), I finally got the Torker frame powder coated at Seattle Powder Coat.

Sparkle Pony1

When I first saw the color, I fell in love. There are little flecks of gold in it, just enough to shimmer under the surface.

The color is called “Sparkle Granny Smith,” although somehow that shifted during the month to Sparkle Pony, and the name stuck for the bike itself (sorry Rob). I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a pretty undignified name for a bike, especially when my other trusty steeds get nicknames like “la Konita,” “Relampago Azul,” (Blue Lightning) and “the Ferrari.”

But it’s so sparkly!

Sparkle Pony2

I plan to turn this bracelet into a head badge for it, and paint golden tentacles along the frame.

Brass octopus bracelet

Surely then it will be far too cool to be called Sparkle Pony, but for now….

Sparkle Pony 3