Ta ta for now, love!

This is the first, and only, sewing machine I’ve ever owned.

She’s a stickered-up punk (just like her sister, the Kona).

She’s into ninjas, of course, and would have attended the 2009 Westside Invite if she could ride a bike.

She just voted to approve Washington State Referendum 74, and thinks that you should, too.

She used to run Linux in her pre-Mac days.

She voted in 2008 (and–hey! another 2009 Westside Invite Sticker! It’s like she was engaged to the organizer or something).

And it turns out that she has a Swrve sticker on the back that I totally forgot was there.

So why am I filling your blog reader with photos of my sewing machine? Because after over ten years of utterly loyal (*ahemunservicedahem*) sewing, she’s been replaced by this svelte beast.

The Pfaff Ambition 1.0, which I just picked up today from the fabulous Quality Sewing & Vaccuum outlet center. If you look past the pink paint job (seriously, Pfaff? *sigh*), she’s actually a pretty powerful little critter. The pink is really more of a berry, which I can nearly find acceptable–and she’ll look way better once she’s got a few stickers on her. (Don’t worry, I’m waiting to make absolutely sure there’s nothing wrong and I have to take her back.)

Look at all the pretty stitches I never thought I needed!

And with a stop/go button on the machine, I haven’t even touched the foot pedal yet. Crazy.

Well, I’m off to see how she does with inner tube rubber. I’ll report back when I have details.

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