So you’ve got a fun bikes ‘n’ crafts idea you want to share with the world? You’ve come to the right place.

I started Bicitoro in 2011 as a way to chronicle my bike craft adventures, but as I realized how few bike craft tutorials there were out there, I began to have a greater vision: I wanted to create a resource for bike-minded DIYers everywhere.

That’s where you come in. Right now, I’m actively seeking guest tutorials to publish as part of the popular Friday DIY series. I’m looking for clear directions with lots of good photos, but beyond that I’m not picky. Read through the Tutorials archives to get an idea of what’s already run.

To submit your idea:

Shoot me an email at submissions [at] Don’t write the whole thing—just spell out your idea in a paragraph or two, and I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for the site. Feel free to send along a picture or sketch if you like.

I pay an honorarium (that’s Latin for “slightly better than a high-five”) of $25, on publication. You retain all rights, but I’d ask you pretty please to let me know if you plan to post it elsewhere.

Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks!