So, once I went to this thing called BikeCraft in this place called Portland and I had a great time

Man, that SEO title-writing course I just took totally paid off, right?

I’ve been putting off posting about BikeCraft in part because I’ve been trying to scrape together the time to write an eloquent, well-thought-out draft. Or at least a coherent draft. Or at least something with a bit more sophistication than “Jessie go PDX see purty stuff ride bikes meat people get rained wet.”

Actually, come to think of it, that’s not too terrible. Mix in a few photos, and voila! A post!

Black Star Bags, which you probably already knew because you read the banner.

I certainly won’t bore you with all the reasons I haven’t made regular blog posting a priority lately, but let me just say that I’m very glad we took a break from all of them to go to BikeCraft. I went as an observer, not a vendor, which gave me an awesome opportunity to meet people in real life with whom I’d only interacted with online.

Like Elly Blue, Caroline of Little Package, and April Streeter, who was so kind as to include Bicitoro custom jerseys in her winter cycle gear guide at Treehugger. I also had a chance to meet the lovely Ayleen Crotty, my editor at

I had a chance to meet new people, as well. Like Amanda and Jim from Filletante.


And Amy from Firefly Gear

Firefly Gear

For better or for worse, BikeCraft occurred during that delicate time of the month right after the rent check has been cashed, but before the month’s first pay check. That kept my wallet in my pocket for the most part, though Rob did buy a pretty sweet wool cycling cap from Misia at Double Darn….

Rob and Misia at Double Darn–sorry it’s blurry, I was enjoying the local microbrew. I mean, I was still learning about my new camera. Yeah.

…and I bought Elly Blue’s new book Everyday Cycling, and a pair of Christmassy bike bells from a lovely family whose shop name I forgot to write down. I asked if they had a card, and they told me they’d just started their little crafty bike bell/wreath venture a few days earlier. If anyone knows who they are, please leave a note in the comments. I love the bells—they’re so cheery!

Rob and I both have one under our bike seats–it’s like the cheery, bikey version of truck nuts, and the attachment mechanism is made out of a spoke. Fun, right?

Did you go to BikeCraft? What was your favorite part?

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