Finished: Bike-in-the-rain Minoru Jacket

I’m finally finished with my bike-in-the-rain Minoru jacket, just as the rainy season rolls back in to Seattle. It was my first attempt at sewing a “sporty” jacket, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I used Silkara Ultrex that I got at Seattle Fabrics, which is water resistant, and surprisingly easy to sew with. (Be sure to come back Friday for my notes on sewing with Silkara.)

Sewaholic patterns are designed for “pear shaped women,” which I am not. My bust and waist measurements are a size 10 for this pattern, but my hip measurement was actually a size 0. So, as I did with my Cambie dress, I graded the pattern down at the hips.

In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t done that. I probably could have graded down a bit, but now the jacket’s a bit more snug in the hips than I would have liked, and it lost some of the nice silhouette.

The only other modification I made to the pattern was to shorten the torso above the waist by 2″.

I wanted to post some photos of my muslins, but all the photos were terrible, and no amount of messing with them made them internet-worthy. Sorry. But I could see in my first muslin that the elastic waist shaping hit my torso at a strange spot, so I pinned out a couple inches along the bust line, and liked the look of that much better.

Tasia provides lines on the pattern for shortening the overall length, but as they’re at the hip, they wouldn’t have done it for me. Instead, I measured 2″ above the waist elastic line and pinched out the excess there. When it came to tracing out my pattern, I just smoothed out the cutting line at that spot.

As I mentioned when I first started talking about this coat, I added hip pockets (I always have my hands in my pockets), and decided to omit the inner pockets because I was feeling lazy.

We learned that I photograph best against telephone poles.

Overall, I like the fit of it. It’s a vast improvement on my ratty old shapeless rain jacket (I blogged about how much I hate it here), though I haven’t had a chance to test it out while riding in the rain. I’m sure nature will help me remedy that real soon….

I feel like the collar is out of control if I’m not wearing a scarf, but Rob loves it. He says I look like I’m in Blade Runner.

Harrison Ford in Bladerunner

(Mr. Harrison appears via Geek Peeks. I appear courtesy of Rob’s camera skills.)

Hmm. That’s pretty good, actually.

Since this was my first try at a sporty jacket, I sewed it up according to the directions without adding or changing features. My wheels are definitely turning for what my next project will be like. Reflective details, waterproof zippers, seam tape, and zippered pockets, for sure.

Sounds like it’s time for another trip to Seattle Fabrics….

Plotting fabric aquisitions.

5 thoughts on “Finished: Bike-in-the-rain Minoru Jacket

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  2. How did this work out for you? Has the fabric held up in the rain? Did you apply any special treatment to the seams? I’m planning to start a Minoru raincoat of my own in a couple weeks.

    • Hey Crystal–

      I’ve always meant to write a review of this jacket now that I’ve used it for a while–thanks for jogging my memory.

      I really like the jacket for light-activity rides, but I find that even if it’s super cold out I get way too hot in it. I’ve reverted back to just wearing some wool sweaters and a warm vest when it’s super cold (in Seattle, in Jessie terms, that means 30-40 degrees). There’s something about having my core warm and being able to regulate the temperature through my arms that just works out better for me.

      The Silkara works well for a light drizzle, but I’ve been caught in heavy rain before and it didn’t actually do a lot for me. I could probably re-up the DWR finish, but it’s not meant to be totally impermeable.

      Caroline of Little Package has a great guest post up on about sewing waterproof outerwear where she talks about seam finishes. You definitely want to check out that post if you’re going for fully waterproof.

      In conclusion, I love the Minoru’s silhouette, and I get tons of compliments wearing it. But because I tend to ride hard and get sweaty even in the cold, I simply can’t wear a full coat comfortably except on local rides (within my neighborhood).

      Definitely let me know if you make your own Minoru–it’s a rad jacket.

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