Pannier tutorial featured in Crafty Crafty

Happy Monday! I meant to post a leggings tutorial over the weekend, but I had a wee little bicycle accident on Friday and spent most of the weekend taking it easy (I’m fine, bike’s fine, more on that to come). It’s all written, but I need to take some action shots of my finished leggings.

Welcome to all you folks who came over from Crafty Crafty! For those of you who came by the regular route (or ended up here by accident), you should head on over to Crafty Crafty, where they’ve linked to a couple of DIY pannier tutorials (including mine). I’m pretty excited to be intentionally placed in the same article as a Guardian craft tutorial.

The pattern they link to in The Guardian looks pretty awesome. I’ve been wanting a pair of double-sided panniers, so I’ll definitely by trying it out.

By the by, if you’re interested in more DIY crafty fun, check out my Bike Craft pinterest board. I’ve been collecting tutorials as I come across them, and there’s definitely some cool stuff there.

And if you like bikes and also like art, get yourself down to Design Commission at 310 S Washington St. on May 3rd. They’ve partnered with Pryme helmets and a bunch of local artists to create customized bicycle helmets. May 3rd is the show opening (and the Pioneer Square Art Walk), and I presume that the show will be up throughout May. Here’s some more info (Pryme’s website).

That’s all for now. Stay safe out there, and please wear a helmet. Not to open a debate can of worms, but mine is now broken in 3 places, whereas my head is not broken at all. Plus, maybe the Pryme/Design Commission show will inspire you to turn yours into a statement piece of art, and who doesn’t want to wear art?

2 thoughts on “Pannier tutorial featured in Crafty Crafty

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog since recently discovering it. I wonder if you might want to re-consider your use of Pininterest, particularly since you sell your own products. I’ve posted about the controversial EULA Pininterest requires of all users on my blog today. It might be worth a look, and some thought.

    So glad you wear a helmet!

    • Thanks for the kind words. Your post definitely has given me some food for thought. I’ll be looking more closely into Pinterest’s policies over the next few days.

      Love your blog, btw. The high vis vest you put together is pretty amazing!

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