I know I should be riding my bike, but….

I haven’t been commuting by bike much these days. I mentioned a while back that in addition to the Seattle drizzle, I’ve been feeling pretty blah about my commute in general.

Part of it is the destination. The actual bike trails are very pretty, but in the winter they’re also incredibly lonely. I’ll see maybe 2 other cyclists in my hour-long commute. And, really, if I want to spend 2 hours on a bike in the cold (and I do!), I’d rather be going somewhere more interesting than the Industrial Suburban Wastes of South Center.

East Marginal Way at sunrise

I’ve written before about the sketchiness of E. Marginal Way, but on top of the usual, Rob’s had some pretty hairy experiences over the last few weeks on his own commute. I’m not going into details here, but you can rest assured that several incidents involved the assholes of the King County Metro Route 124.

I tend to get less aggressive harassment from drivers as a woman—which is ironic, since as a woman I experience way more harassment when I’m on foot than he does. I mean, I’ve flipped off plenty of cars for buzzing too close to me when they’ve got a whole other lane they could be using, but I’ve never had that car then make a u-turn so they could come back and try to run me off the road.

Knock on wood.

All in all, any joy I’ve felt about bike commuting lately has been sapped by the weather and shitty drivers who try to kill my husband. Especially if I’ve got something going on after work—I’d way rather just drive to work and then be able to bike to somewhere more interesting. Like a bar in the city that has my friends in it.

How do you stay motivated for a long commute during the winter? How do you deal with the monotony—and the drivers? I’m definitely in need of some inspiration to get me back on the bike in the mornings.


2 thoughts on “I know I should be riding my bike, but….

  1. Please return to cycling! I moved here in November and now am commuting 14+ miles to my job in the U District. I’ve (ok been passed) seen about 10 other cyclist ALL males (probably one of them was your husband?). I thought no women cycled out here.

    I can understand about the challenge of finding beauty around here. I’m not yet happy having to move here. But getting out of the car, escaping Metro, the 2 days I’ve cycled to work has opened up … possibilities.

    It’s like being that flower blooming on a cement wall. It doesn’t matter who, if any, see it – the flower just blooms beautiful. You’re a flower out here!

    • Thank you, that’s such a beautiful image! You’re definitely right in that not a lot of women commute by bike out here—at least in my experience. Back when I was riding regularly (3-4 times a week), I would see maybe one woman a week. More in the summer, for sure, but still not too many.

      I will get back into bike commuting—and I certainly haven’t stopped biking to other places.

      Thanks for the encouragement! The days are getting longer and I’m definitely feeling more inspired!

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