Guest Post: DIY Reflective band

Folks, I have a sad confession to make. I haven’t turned my sewing machine on in almost a month. The sewing room has become a place where I shove things I don’t have time to think about right now, so I’m not sure I could even get to my machine without a solid hour or more of cleaning. Which I certainly don’t have time to think about.

That’s why I’m oh-so grateful that Ms. Bethany Marcello is back to show us how to make reflective safety bands. You remember her–she’s an assistant editor at CraftFoxes who stopped by a few weeks back with her awesome waterproof booties tutorial. (Did you make some? How’d they turn out?)

Stay bright out there!

Reflective Band

Safe biking means being as visible as possible to everyone on the road, and as the proud (albeit scared) wife of a biker who’s been hit three times, these reflective bands go a long way towards promoting safety and visibility, which is particularly difficult with our brown-gray Pacific Northwest skies. Modify this easy sewing pattern to make arm bands, leg bands, waistbands or even to strap along a waterproof biking saddlebag.

DIY reflective band | Bicitoro

You need:


Using fabric tape, measure the circumference of your arm, leg, waist—or wherever the band is going. You will need it for cutting the nylon and the ribbon.

Step 1:

DIY reflective band 1 | Bicitoro

Cut the nylon to 5-inches wide by 13-inches long (or your measurement, plus 3″ for hemming and overlap). Pin the edges of the nylon fabric for a double hem since nylon frays very easily. Use an iron to help fold the stiff fabric. Stitch the hem in coordinating thread.

DIY reflective band 1a | Bicitoro

Step 2:

Cut reflective ribbon to 13 ½-inches (or your measurement plush ½ inch for hem). Center the ribbon, then wrap the ends to the wrong side of the fabric and sew down. Use a straight stitch, or consider using a zig zag stitch to prevent the ribbon from fraying.

DIY reflective band 2 | Bicitoro

On the right side of the fabric, use a straight stitch to sew the ribbon’s edges so it lays flat against the nylon.

DIY reflective band 2a | Bicitoro

Step 3:

Attach one piece of the Velcro to the right side of the fabric, at the edge, and a second piece to the wrong side of the fabric, also at the edge. Use a straight stitch and coordinating thread to secure.

DIY reflective band 3 | Bicitoro