Gone Riding

gone riding

I soooo obviously haven’t been keeping the site up, have I? Busted.

Guys, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but here’s your official notice that I’m signing off blogging at Bicitoro for the time being.

For the time being.

I totally reserve the right to give you more stream-of-consciousness bike crafts at a later date. You’ve been warned.

The truth is that I’m focusing on my freelance copywriting business and writing my novels, and it’s hard enough to balance two major writing businesses without adding in a hobby that’s primarily based around writing (albeit writing about sewing and cycling).

I’ll still be sewing and cycling, and my plan is to leave Bicitoro up indefinitely as a resource. I’ll still be around to answer emails and comments, so send ’em away!

See ya in the streets, on the trails, and on the twitters.

3 thoughts on “Gone Riding

    • They’re Roxy, and I got them years ago at Goodwill or some such. I actually had to run to my own Goodwill pile and check, since I’ve sewn myself a pair I like better and am purging this week! They’re size small. Are you in Portland and do you want them? 🙂

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