DIY bicycling: democracy edition!

Note–this isn’t really a tutorial. I expect you can figure out how to fill out your own ballot.

I don’t consider myself nearly well-informed enough to be giving out political advice. Honestly, about the only thing I feel really comfortable giving advice about is which beer you should order, whether or not you need a comma in that sentence, and what you should do when you visit Peru.

Primary ballots are due back on August 7th, and as cynical as I sometimes (often) may feel about national politics, I do think local elections can make a difference. Sometimes national elections feel like you’re just picking a new conductor for a train that’s already plummeting into a canyon, but local politicians actually have a chance to make a difference in their communities.

I have a lot of personal beliefs and criteria that I evaluate when I’m voting. (I won’t bore you with them here, but if you couldn’t guess it’s the usual hippie liberal feminist stuff.) I can’t keep up on everything, so I like to head to organizations I trust in order to get their opinions on issues and candidates.

I assume that if you check this blog regularly, it’s because you’re interested in bikes and sewing (or you’re a relative—hi Mom!), so I wanted to round up a some of the interesting political conversation and voting recommendations that’s been going on surrounding bicycling and sewing.

Hmm. Odd. Doesn’t seem like there’s any sewing-related issues on the ballot this time around. I guess we’ll just have to stick with bikes.

Despite my Central Washington roots, my current viewpoint is heavily skewed to the West Side, particularly to Seattle and the surrounding environs. I’m sure I’m missing interesting discussions around the state–that’s where you come in. Know of something I missed? Leave a link in the comments!

Cascade Bicycle Club is the largest and oldest bicycle advocacy organization in Washington (and in the running nationwide). They’ve released their endorsements for 2012 (they go into more depth about each choice here).

They also released their Legislative Score Card so you can see how your Washington Senate and House representatives did this year.

Over at Transportation Issues Daily, you can find an interview with both Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna about their respective stances on transportation policy. Very interesting reading.

The Seattle Transit Blog also released their endorsements.

Want to talk about it? Seattle Bike Blog is hosting a primary election open thread.

Feel like taking action? Then go sign a petition asking Gov. Gregoire to allocate funding fairly to walking, biking and transit.


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Bicycle Alliance of Washington

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