Craft tutorial series: Bicycle Inner Tubes

Inner tube craft tutorials | Bicitoro

Tell me true: how many busted inner tubes do you have in your house right now?

We’ve all been in the middle of a joy ride or a commute when we’ve heard “pssssssss-s-s-s…” Puncture. Hopefully we all carry a spare or a patch kit, and the joy ride can continue.

But what to do with the punctured inner tubes?

They’re to bike crafting what potatoes are to Irish food–a ubiquitous base material. Repurposed inner tubes can be utilitarian (turn them into bungee cords) or fanciful (make them into jewelry). They can replace leather in things like belts, bags, and, you know, corsets. You could even make an entire suit of armor from them.

I’ve already talked quite a bit about what to do with inner tubes, but I want to look a bit more systematically at HOW to craft with inner tubes.

Welcome to the first ever Bicitoro tutorial series!

Over the next few weeks I’ll cover some basic techniques like:

  • Choosing, cleaning and cutting inner tubes
  • Gluing inner tubes
  • Sewing inner tubes by hand and machine

I’ve also got 3 new project tutorials in the works, and I’m lining up a couple interviews with bike crafters who work with inner tubes.

To whet your appetites, I’ve gathered up inner tube projects from around the internet.

Happy weekend crafting–I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re supposed to have (in Seattle, at least)! I’ll see you back here next week where we’ll talk about where to find inner tubes, which ones work best for which projects, and how to make them nice and clean.


The humble inner tube becomes a surprisingly elegant bud vase.


I’m naturally suspicious of bookshelves that only seem to hold a couple books, because between my man and I we require that a third of our living space be devoted to book storage. But this is still a cool way to display books if your bookshelves are full, yet your walls aren’t smothered with bike messenger paraphernalia masquerading as legitimate décor. (I don’t want to talk about it.)

inner tube bookshelf

Love the stenciling on this jewelry here–it’s a great way to glam up the plain black innertube.


And finally, these rubber lace coasters from Design*Sponge are actually made from foam contact paper, but how fantastic would they be made out of a wide mtb inner tube?


Want more inner tube crafts? Check out my ebook Crafting with Inner Tubes.

Crafting with Inner tubes | Bicitoro bikes and crafts

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