Bike month video extravaganza

As part of Bike Month, Cascade Bicycle Club has put out a call for videos illustrating a point along your ride that could be improved with the help of better signage or infrastructure. They’re pinning the videos here, and they want you to come play, too.

From the original post on Cascade’s blog:

When you are out on the road or trail this May for Bike Month we want your help capturing areas of Seattle that need improvement in order to be better for bicycling. With the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan up for an overhaul this year, it’s essential that you be the eyes on the street. Show us what would make your bike ride all that much better and we’ll help get it in the plan.

Know a street that is in desperate need of a bike lane? Or what about a bike lane that already exists but is just too dangerous for you or your kids to ride in? How about an intersection that needs one of those green bike boxes?

Whatever it is that would make your ride better, we want to see it!

I submitted a video of the place on E. Marginal Way S. where the bike lane ends (which I blogged about here back in March).

What would make your ride better? Get out there and let the world know!

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