A Portland Bike Craft gift guide

If I was a better person I probably would have told you all about Bike Craft before the weekend it’s happening – but, really, if you’re still getting your news from me at this point then it’s your own fault.

Me, I get my bikey news from Twitter.

But, Bike Craft! It’s happening this weekend from 11-5, Saturday and Sunday at Bike Farm, a nifty volunteer-run bicycle collective.

Bike Craft 2014

There’s beer, jewelry, art, a craft station, clothes, books, free vegan tamales (oh, Portland) and Bike Farm even has volunteers teaching basic bike maintenance if you want to learn how to love your bike better.

There are about 20 vendors. I don’t see a full list on Bike Craft’s website, but here’s a taste of who you’ll find:

Helmet ear warmers from Gigi’s Handy Work

Bike craft ear warmers

Gigi uses recycled fleece and wool sweaters or suits to make her cozy ear warmer “Helmuffs”. She’s got a ton of colors and appliquéd designs. I love the skull and crossbones one! If you miss Bike Craft, you can find her online here

Bike craft ear warmers for helmet

Beautiful bike part art from Velo Gioielli

Bike craft upcycled bike art

Brian upcycles bike parts into some really stunning works of art. You can see his booth in the front left of the photo at the top of this post, featuring an amazing chandelier made out of gears. He’s also got etched barware, jewelry, and more. If you miss Bike Craft, you can find Brian at Portland’s Saturday Market, and online at velogioielli.com

REALLY lovely inner tube earrings by Laura TK

I’ve seen tons of inner tube earrings around the internets, but these were truly gorgeous. Laura paints the earrings with these vibrant, shimmering colors – she actually said that people have come up to her at craft shows to accuse her of murdering exotic birds for her earrings, only to realize that they’re actually inner tubes. If you miss her at Bike Craft, you can find her online at www.LauraTK.com

Bike craft recycled inner tube earrings

I couldn’t resist. I bought these:

Bike craft upcycled feather inner tube earrings

Cycling and running accessories from Clodine Crafts

Clodine uses scraps of wool from Pendleton’s Woolen Mill to fashion reflective pants cuffs, ear warmers, bookmarks, and more. Her stuff is so, so pretty! She’s just getting started, and planning to start an Etsy shop, adding top tube pads to her inventory. I’ll update this post if I see her shop go up.

Bike craft pendleton wool accessories 2

Bike craft pendleton wool accessories

Also, how many of you knew about the Pendleton Woolen Mill and didn’t tell me? I’ll definitely be checking that out this week.

Hats, books, belt buckles, and more I didn’t get photos of

I wasn’t exhaustive in my documentation of Bike Craft since I plan to go back tomorrow, but I just wanted to shout out to some of the other vendors.

Elly Blue Publications and Microcosm Publishing are both there. You’ll find handmade bike caps by DanaMade, Black Star Bags, North Street Bags, and a handful of other vendors.

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “A Portland Bike Craft gift guide

  1. so sorry I visit Pendleton Mill for scraps on all my trips to the NW!! Great post and thanks for sharing. I need to get back on my bike, and start sewing, stat.

  2. You do?!! Well, that’s OK – I’ve been really trying not to buy fabric at all lately, so it’s probably best that I didn’t know. I actually haven’t had much chance to sew this year as my freelance writing business has taken off, so I’ve already got piles and piles of fabric I keep meaning to turn into something cool.

    Although now that I know about the Pendleton Mill, I’m making a trip down tomorrow. I know a certain someone or two (who maybe reads my blog so I won’t name them here) that might be getting a Christmas present out of this trip.

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