Bike crafting link love: gardening edition

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and little green things are growing in the garden! I have a pretty slapdash relationship with gardening. I love the idea of it, and I love watching plants grow. I love my mother’s garden. I understand that plants need a good deal of Tender Loving Care, and truly, deeply I wish that I was the type of person who could give them what they need.

I am not that person.

I do best with hardy plants that can survive a certain amount of neglect, and were it not for the rainy climate of the northwest I can guarantee you that my porch containers would be a sad, sad graveyard.

I’m not the only person thinking about green and growing things–the day after I finished writing this post Dottie of Let’s Go Ride a Bike posted about her gardening by bike adventures.

So here’s to those green thumbsters with their abundant harvests and lush yards. This post is for you.

From the Kirksville Permaculture Education Center, here’s a very neat idea for a trellis. Our neighbor has actually done something similar—I’ll try to snap some photos next time it’s sunny out.

From Gardens and Planters, a homemade bird scarer made of a bicycle wheel and old CDs.

I scoured the internets for a DIY on how you’d actually make this, but I suspect that if you have the skills and desire to do so, you’re also probably the type to figure it out on your own. (Let me know if you do.) Treehugger has a nice collection of bicycle lawnmower photos to inspire you on your merry way.

From Mother Earth News, a garden stool made from bicycle inner tubes. That’s actually quite classy. Maybe I need to make Rob a stool for his workshop (aka “our living room”).

And via Pacebutler, a full on bench made of inner tubes and an old bed frame, from Latvian designer Ivars Gansons.

Of course, you can always just put plants on your bike. Colleen Jordan of Wearable Planter sells these mini planters for your bike which attach via a rubber-band system similar to a bike light.

But why stop at attaching plants to your bike, when you could actually grow them on your frame, fenders and hubs? (From Momentum Magazine.)

Happy gardening!

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  1. This is the most exciting bike post I’ve seen in a long time….biking and gardening! Don’t tell my husband, but I’m going to start sneaking bike garden art into our yard alongside his tractor garden art (and I mean real, full-sized tractors). Robert, save me your bent rims and your ruptured tubes…

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