30 days of biking

Spring commute in Seattle

Today is the first day of 30 days of biking.

I was a slacker at riding this winter, so I’m looking forward to this challenge to get myself back into the habit. This year last time, I would have made the challenge easily. I was commuting to work almost daily, and tooling around on the weekends.

Here’s the thing, though.

I can’t depend on that regular commute anymore. I’m leaving my current job to work full time as a freelance writer—my commute will be from the bedroom to the dining room. Now more than ever it’s going to be crucial for me to get into a daily habit of riding, to get myself out of the house and keep myself active.

I’m excited about the opportunity to work cycling into my daily schedule, perhaps taking a 10-mile ride in the middle of the day when my creativity is flagging, so I can come back to a project refreshed.

I’m also looking forward to getting out to cycling events, and running errands on my bike. Working in by the South Center Mall (may I never lay eyes on it again) has made it difficult to get anywhere in the evenings. Social ride in Ballard at 6? Forget it. Need groceries or a pharmacy run? The only place between South Center and Georgetown is a Target. I’m not buying groceries at Target.

Any work-from-home types have tips on working cycling into your daily schedule?

5 thoughts on “30 days of biking

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  2. I have the reverse problem – I can’t seem to fit in bicycling down to South Center, which is the only H&M with children’s clothes I know. Before you quit, can you buy me a whole bunch of organic cotton underpants for a 6 year old boy? Then we can schedule a mid day cycling drop off to get you out…. 🙂

  3. I’m sort of semi-retired. There are lots of days when I don’t HAVE to leave the house, so I don’t. Since I usually only ride for transportation, this is a problem.

    I’m going to try to invent excuses to make myself get out and about on a bike. It’ll be a bit of a challenge, though. Because I’m lazy. 🙂

  4. Getting into and keeping a routine is what i try to do. I work near the interurban trail and ride it at lunch daily- 5 mi out 5 mi in. It’s not exciting but I have to imagine this daily ride is just that..a commute. Find a route around your house and set out to do it each day. You had limited options on your commute ride, so don’t try to make it more ‘just because”.

    • That’s good logic–finding a route that I like and heading out at lunch. Today is actually my first full day working from home, and I’m looking out the window at the miserable weather…. I may not make it out for a lunch ride today. 🙂

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